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Yes, I'm on Twitter, which most of the offline world doesn't understand, half of the Internet is crazy about, and only a small portion of those really know how to find value in it. (I consider myself one of those few, obviously. ::grins::)

Below you'll find my feed... and if it doesn't make any sense, that's probably because a lot of it will only make sense to those I'm replying to. That's okay. That's the way Twitter works.

But occasionally you'll find re-tweeted information... links to blogs, articles, news, writing tidbits, and other notes that I think are worth sharing (like #pubtips)... occasional updates on what I'm doing... and sometimes a question thrown out into the twitterverse in case any of those following me care to give me feedback.

Follow me if you want, don't if you don't want to, and ignore Twitter if that's your preference. Any choice is fine with me!

When Time Stood Still, by Kathleen MacIver
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