Kathleen MacIver

Time-Travel Romance and Young-Adult Fantasy

The Malach


Gianna asked me to introduce myself, though I'm not sure why. She's probably already told you my name is Rys.

She may or may not have told you who I once was, and to be perfectly honest, I hope she hasn't.

So...you're wondering why I carry a sword? It's simple. Gianna and I seem to get attacked pretty often in both dimensions, unfortunately. Hence, this sword and her daggers. And by the way, if you come against one of us, you come against both of us. So if that's what you're thinking, you've been forewarned.

Oh...you'd like to join our side? Well...all I can say is that you're about to have your life and everything you thought you knew turned upside down.

Welcome to our world. I'll introduce you to the lord in command.

When Time Stood Still, by Kathleen MacIver
I'm still working on Rys and Gianna's story, but you can read Matthew and Rhianna's story, set in my Scottish/American time-travel world.