Kathleen MacIver

Time-Travel Romance and Young-Adult Fantasy

One Touch, One Glance
      Here are some of the reviews that have been received for the entire One Touch, One Glance anthology, and for my story, "When Time Stood Still:"
The Pen and Muse gave an individual review of When Time Stood and said:
      "The other story that is one of my favorites in this anthology is the sweet romance by Kathleen MacIver entitled 'When Time Stood Still.' The lovely tale follows Matthew and Rhianna....
      "Working at a sword smith shop in Scottland has its perks. Befriending the owners, [Matthew] joins them on a trip to Duncarragh. That's where he finds himself looking at Rhianna, the woman whose song has been haunting his dreams. What will come of Rhianna and Matthew? What secrets will be revealved? This story is surely to find a spot in your heart. I know it found one in mine. Kathleen's work is one to continue to look out for.
The Literary Nymphs Reviews have said:
      "When Time Stood Still" (5 Nymphs) by Kathleen MacIver. Matthew’s done a lot of things in his past that he isn’t proud of while living on the streets of Chicago. But now he’s got a second chance in Scotland as an apprentice swordsmith, and he has Rhianna in his life, even if she does seem out of place in this time. I loved getting lost in this world and the writing makes me want to read more of the author’s work.
dirtygirlreviews.blogspot.com said:
      “This anthology really touched my heart, which is why I am giving it a four star rating. It was an above average read, focusing on the emotion and romance not the physical side of love. So it was very satisfying to read. Not only do I recommend you buy this for yourself, but also for your loved ones. It’s a romance book that won’t make you blush when you hand it to your mother-in-law. The book is sure to leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside after you are through reading.”
About my story, she says:
      "Mathew is learning blacksmithing weapons in the Scottish highlands. Rhianna fascinates and intrigues him, but the ending to this story has surprising twist. I loved this story."
Dark Divas said:
      “This book is full of great stories. I flew through it, laughed, teared up a few times, and generally, had a great time delving into each world, meeting each new couple, and sharing their journeys. There are so many wonderful stories; I had to give them each a little bit individual attention. This is a terrific compilation of sweet, honest romance like I haven’t encountered in a long time.”
About my story, she says:
      "This story is a nice addition to the other, less fantastical offerings. I loved the characters, the sense of family so masterfully depicted, and the blurring of time into that magical moment where loves happens. The story, like the country in which it's set, has a timeless, beautiful feel. Scotland sets a perfect backdrop for romance in any age."
Coctail Reviews gave us a whole bottle of champagne! (That means 5 glasses wasn’t enough.) If you’d like to read the individual reviews, they are here.