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Q.   When was "When Time Stands Still" released, and from where?


A.   Matthew's story is a short story, and was released by Freya's Bower in an anthology called One Touch, One Glance on December 9th, 2008. You can read more about my story and the anthology here.


Q.   Where can I buy One Touch, One Glance so I can read "When Time Stands Still?"


A.   At Freya's Bower. It is currently only available as an e-book, but if it is released in paperback form, I will announce it on my blog.


Q.   What about To Know Who You Are?


A.   would still love to publish Jason and Kyra's story through one of the big New York publishers. However, it has been set aside for the moment, as I work on my Young Adult fantasy romance. So all I can say right now is that any happenings related to it will be announced here and on my blog.


Q.   What is an RSS feed?


A.   An RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed is the next generation method of email subscriptions. Instead of giving your email address to me so I can send you my posts in an email, my blog's content is automatically copied to a specially-designed page called a feed. You then give your feed reader that URL. Whenever I post new content, your feed reader automatically sends a copy of it to your feed reader. You are in complete control of your subscriptions and your email address.

The simplest feed reader to start out with is Google's. If you don't already have a iGoogle or Gmail account, sign up for one by clicking on the "get started" link underneath the search box on Google's home page. Once you have an account, going to http://www.google.com will bring you to your personalized Google page. Then, simply click the "more" link in the upper left and click "Reader" to use the feed reader.

That's it, and don't forget to add my Notes from the author's pen keyboard, which will have announcements, contests, and other book-related information. The URL to add for this blog is: http://kathleenmaciver.com/blog/index.php/feed/


Q.   What does it mean when a romance is "sweet?"


A.   "Sweet" is a general term used to describe romances that are more traditional, in terms of rated content. Some consider sweet romance to mean that if characters sleep together, it is tastefully done and not graphic. Others consider sweet romance to be stories that either do not include characters sleeping together, or if they do, it's totally "closed door." Some consider swear words to be allowed in sweet romance, while others do not. In general, however, the term does rule out all forms of erotic romance.


Q.   Well then, are your romances "closed door" or "open door?"


A.   My romances are closed door, but don't let that make you think that they aren't passionate and romantic! I believe that love and romance are one of the most beautiful and wonderful things that God created, and my books are a celebration of love that finds its roots in who the characters are rather than merely what they look like and how they make each other feel. In addition, I write my stories

from a Christian worldview (although they do not fit the "Inspirational"

genre), so expect to be able to share them with your daughters and


I hope you enjoy them!

When Time Stood Still, by Kathleen MacIver
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