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Clan MacCoinneach
MacCoinneach (mac KOIN nyuch)
    MacCoinneach is Scottish Gaelic for son of Kenneth
    One of the men strode forward ahead of the others, and Kyra found herself looking at a man who could only be Murray MacCoinneach.
    She could understand why everyone was willing to call him laird. He looked it. She’d thought Jason could look intimidating, but this man was even more so...

from To Know Who You Are
& Brianag
Brianag (BREE uh nak)
    She was a dark-haired woman with laughing eyes that seemed to look into her very soul. She reminded her of Moira McCaskyll somehow, even though they looked nothing alike. It was that timeless peace that shone from their eyes and ran through their words… almost as though they’d seen and experienced the turmoil of centuries, and found their place in spite of it.

from To Know Who You Are
Iain (EE an)
    "And you like sword-fighting, don’t you?" she asked. "You know you’re good at it, right?”
    He felt an unaccustomed surge of pride as her praise registered. His father and Jason were the masters, so he was used to being merely Iain, the man who would be laird someday... as though who and what he was at the moment counted for little or nothing at all.

from After All This Time
    Alec was the quiet, observant one in the family. He wasn’t as ready to jump into things as quickly as all the others, but he never missed a thing going on around him. And even though he was three years younger, his thoughts and insight were valuable... Sometimes Alec saw things that everyone else missed.

from After All This Time
Ceana (KEN na)
    He smiled. "I take it you haven’t realized how amazing and beautiful your sister is.”
    It was more a statement than a fact, and the look on Iain’s face confirmed it. "She's pretty enough."
    "Pretty!" he exclaimed, even as he realized just how clueless Iain was. Apparently being a brother made a man completely blind to the charms of the woman who happened to be his sister.

from Like That
& Tristan
(Still under character development)
Jason MacCoinneach McCaskyll
    Kyra watched them go and marveled at how comfortable Jason looked with a sword in his hand. When he held it, he somehow looked like a Highland warrior who just borrowed some modern clothes and a haircut for the day. He carried the huge sword just as comfortably and confidently as her father carried his briefcase.
    To each their own, she thought, although I think I like the sword better.

from To Know Who You Are
Stephen & Moira McCaskyll
Stephen & Moira
    "It's a long story," Audrey answered. "The short version is that Dad's always been interested in his family history in the Highlands, and that led him to take up fencing in college. That's not how a Highlander fights, but it was as close as he could get, I guess.
    "Anyway, then he met Mom and found out that her family were Highlanders..."

from To Know Who You Are
Audrey McCaskyll
    He usually counted himself blessed to have such a level-headed, sensible sister.
    Never mind that they were in reality cousins, by blood. They had become brother and sister through adoption, and both had been very glad to have it so. Audrey was more than happy to share her parents with him, and liked having a sister who was loyal and sweet and seemed to understand his quirks and peculiarities. She never bothered him when he wanted to be alone, never told his secrets, and never tried to force her ways or her friends on him.
    Until now.

from To Know Who You Are
Kyra MacDonnell
    She looked at him a bit shyly, and Jason felt himself starting to fall under her spell. Maybe his heart wasn't as safe as he'd thought.
    Audrey had been right. The more he saw Kyra, the more he liked her. The more he found out about her, the more fascinated he became.
    He wanted to know every detail of her life. To know who she really was, now that he was starting to understand who she wasn't.

from To Know Who You Are
Duncan MacLaughlin
    She watched him and decided that it wasn't so much his face or his hair or his build, although there was certainly nothing wrong with them. No, most of his attraction lay in his easy way of talking... the sparkle in his eye that was somehow a charming contradiction to his nonchalance.

from Like That
Matthew Garlinn
    Matthew and Tristan put their swords up and turned to that other strange means of fighting they were so fond of. It never ceased to amaze her - the spinning and kicking and all else they inexplicably managed to do with naught but their hands and feet. It was fascinating – as was Matthew. Iain, Alec, and Tristan were not too unlike the men in her family. But Matthew was a mystery.
    And a more appealing one than was good for her.

from "When Time Stood Still"
in the One Touch, One Glance anthology
    She came from what looked like stables, dressed in the same flowing skirt he'd first seen her wearing. Her black hair fell over her shoulders in the heavy braid that his fingers still itched to unravel. And her eyes were the same pale grey he remembered.
    She smiled a greeting at Alec and Tristan, then her eyes met his, and she stopped.

from "When Time Stood Still"
in the One Touch, One Glance anthology

Duncarragh (Dun CARR ugh)
    Duncarragh is the 15th century Scottish castle that has been intermittantly owned by Clan MacCoinneach.
Loch Rhoswen
Loch Rhoswen (ROSS wen)
    Loch Rhoswen is the freshwater loch on whose banks Duncarragh sits.
The Falls of Meadhbh
The Falls of Meadhbh (MAYV)
    The Falls of Meadhbh lie deep in the forest on MacCoinneach land. The water pours out of the side of a cliff, and, for centuries, people have believed that the water is magical.
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