Kathleen MacIver

Time-Travel Romance and Young-Adult Fantasy



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When Time Stood Still
Released as part of the One Touch, One Glance anthology,
December 9th, 2008
    Matthew Garlinn never expected to find himself learning the ancient art of swordsmithing in the Scottish Highlands instead of starting his own tae kwan do studio in Chicago. But Scotland is where he's ended up, and he likes it. The mountains are harsh and unyielding, but beautiful. The people are friendly.
    And then there's her. The woman whose song haunted his dreams. Whose face placed her in danger. Who'd fled after he rescued her...
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Completed, but not yet published:

Kyra MacDonnell

    Four years have passed since Kyra first noticed Jason McCaskyll. Only now is she realizing that he is much more than he seems... and the fact that he's a master swordsman with his old Scottish claymore isn't the last – or the most remarkable – of his secrets.
Jason MacCoinneach McCaskyll

    Jason was sure that Kyra MacDonnell wasn't his type of woman… until he was given the chance to get to know her. Now he knows that she fits his unusual life better than he ever dreamed a woman could. The only problem is that he's more used to hiding secrets than sharing them... and his are more unusual than most.

In Progress:

(Iain's story)

(Alec's story)

(Ceana's story)