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One Touch One Glance in print!

Hi everyone!  I have news! One Touch, One Glance – the anthology that has Matthew and Rhianna’s beautiful little story – is now in print! It has a new (much nicer) cover, too. I’ll admit it…it’s very neat to hold a copy of a book that I wrote (part of) in my hands. Here’s are [...]

From blog to news…

Well, I’ve finally given up the idea of regular blogging here. All those who may be following me (if there still are any) have probably figured that out by now! I’m not taking down the blog, though. I’m simply returning it to it’s old news outlet status and abandoning all pretense of regular blogging. It [...]

Loving Your Character

I’ve been thinking lately about what makes me, as a reader, fall in love with a character someone else created. What is it exactly that I love about my favorite characters? Is it their skills? Personality traits? How they respond to things? What they’ve survived? My favorite hero is Miach, from Lynn Kurland’s first Nine [...]