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From blog to news…

Well, I’ve finally given up the idea of regular blogging here. All those who may be following me (if there still are any) have probably figured that out by now!

I’m not taking down the blog, though. I’m simply returning it to it’s old news outlet status and abandoning all pretense of regular blogging. It just looks bad to have a “blog” and not keep up with it. But it’s perfectly okay to only post news when you have it, right?

I still might post thoughts on writing from time to time, and who knows…it might someday take off and turn back into a blog.

For now, however, I do have a few pieces of news.

First, the anthology that “When Time Stood Still” is in is going to print! The new cover is much better than the old one, so I’ll be updating that on the site sometime soon.

Second, I have picked up Allison and Gabe’s story and am working on finishing it. It will be about 35k words (or 140 pages) which is novella length, and my plan is to offer it up on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. as a very inexpensive ebook. Ebook sales have taken off, which is, I suppose, only expected considering the millions of Kindles and Nooks sold over Christmas. (One of which was sold to my husband and wound up under my tree Christmas morning. Wheee!!!!)  So we’ll see what comes of it when that happens. I will most definitely announce the news when it is available, right here on the news feed.

And I might want a beta reader or two…so if you are a naturally picky reader who can identify exactly what does/doesn’t work in the stories you’re reading, and you might be interested, go ahead and add a comment here (fill out the email field) and I’ll hold onto it just in case I do wind up needing another beta reader or two.

And that, I think, is all the news I have for now!

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