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Kathleen MacIver

I didn't grow up wanting to write a book. No, that was what Mom always wanted to do. In all honesty, I simply never thought about it.

Looking back, I still did quite a bit of writing, much of it under the watchful, editing eye of Mom, who was an English major. Among other things, I published a home-decorating ezine for 25,000 subscribers for about five years, and I started an inspirational blog in April of 2006. I've also been told numerous times that I "have a way with words"--something for which I have my mother to thank, whether it was inherited or taught. (Unfortunately, that's no guarantee I'll ever be published!)

In general, however, writing was just something I did when I had to, or when something interested me. It's never been difficult for me, so I simply never thought about it much.

I've always been an avid reader, though, and I've never hesitated to make up my own alternate scenes or endings when the book or movie didn't please me. I also love imagining out alternate scenes in books and movies. In fact, the more a book feeds my imagination to make up my own scenes, the more I love to read it over and over again. In fact, that's how I started writing. It happened this way...

I was reading a book by a favorite author (Lynn Kurland, if you're interested), and I got an idea for a new character. Scenes for this new character's love story started flowing through my mind, over and over again, until they got long enough that I couldn't keep them straight. It got to the point that they were stuck in my head the way a song sometimes is. You know, when you only know part of the chorus, so those few lines keep repeating themselves over and over and over in your mind?

That's what happened with this story. Those few parts that I had imagined were going over and over and over again through my mind for days (and maybe weeks) on end.

Finally I sat down to write it out, hoping that if I did so, my brain would have some peace. And 100+ pages later, I realized I was writing a book. *smile* Before I knew it, the characters had their own worlds and families and interests. They became the families in my Scottish time-travel world, and I currently

have a short story called When Time Stood Still that has been

e-published as part of a sweet romance anthology. (You can read the

first two pages here.)

Then came the idea for my fantasy world, which will be a young-

adult fantasy romance. I'm very excited about this story, but only

time will tell if it will one day make it onto the shelves of your

local bookstore.

I don't know how long it will take to finish another story,

as writing must be done in-between time spent with my

husband (He's the best husband ever), homeschooling

(I have three very smart kids), home remodeling projects

(I'm a big do-it-yourself-er), designing websites (You

can find me at www.KatieDidDesign.com), singing and

playing piano (I do both at church), and, of course,


In the meantime, check out my blog (and

sign up for updates), or hop over to myspace

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